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Christmas 2013 Sales and shipping information

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Christmas sales are in full swing here at Airsoft Atlanta.  We've been really busy and not blogging much lately.  We will have more updates on here after January, with lots of new gun announcements, etc.  Feel free to check our Facebook and/or Twitter page for more frequent and timely updates.  Thanks!

We ship orders placed before 5pm daily, when using ground shipping (UPS).  USPS Priority ships same-day if ordered before 10am daily.  See our UPS Ground Map for details.

Need Gun Props for your Film?

Friday, September 06, 2013
Airsoft Atlanta is a gun prop supplier for the local blossoming Georgia film industry.  We have a unique selection of military and police products that fit the budget of most filmmakers.  We have worked with local TV shows, major motion pictures, and independent film makers for many years.  If you need some gun props, modern military gear, futuristic sci-fi equipment, or vintage firearms, be sure to contact us.  We also have stock combat uniforms and unique camouflage patterns that are uncommon.  Airsoft Atlanta also offers film consulting when it comes to picking out weapons and gear in your film too.

For more information, or to contact us regarding your movie project, click here: Atlanta Film Props

New Product Lines at Airsoft Atlanta

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
It's been a little while since we updated our blog, so here's a rundown of what's new and hot at Airsoft Atlanta.  We're now stocking a larger selection of JG AEGs and have the M4 Commando AEGs on sale at $99.99 each (limit of one per customer).  Our tactical gear selection has increased with new ACU backpacks, combat plate carrier vests, and many more products such as ghillie suits.

  •  CYMA M4 S-Mag Drum - 2500 rounds of airsoft goodness - fits M16 and M4 base AEGs
  • JG Scorpion AEP Electric Gun - A great little Russian style AEP for madness on the CQB field.  Uses Marui AEP battery and parts
  • JG MAC-10 AEP - comes with a plastic faux suppressor and some other goodies.  A great electric M10 style airsoft gun!

We also have lots of other new airsoft guns coming back in stock constantly, so stay tuned for updates!  Be sure to like us on Facebook to receive all our updates.

2-Point Camouflage Rifle Slings

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Airsoft Atlanta is now stocking the all new Warhead brand 2-point rifle sling.  The new slings come in a variety of camouflage patterns, such as:  Kryptek Typhon and Highlander; A-TACS AU and FG, Desert Digital; PenCott Greenzone and Badlands; Multicam, and a few others.  Very rare patterns, all official fabrics - 100% made in the USA and are Berry compliant.  Fits most guns, but are built for the M16 and M4 platforms.  A basic, no frills rifle sling for airsoft or real gun use.  Check them out here:

New KWA Airsoft Updates

Thursday, July 11, 2013
KWA updates!  We have fully restocked the KWA G36c after a long hiatus.  Last time we had them stocked, was in late 2012.  If you're looking for the best AEG, we highly recommend the KWA G36c airsoft gun.  Very versatile and fully licensed by Heckler & Koch out of Germany.  Check it out:

Also brand-new from KWA, is the ATP AUTO gas blowback pistol.  It's very similar to the original ATP, which happens to perfectly fit in a standard Glock 17 holster, but the similarities end there.  A solid metal gas pistol, very reliable, and robust for airsoft play.  Uses standard airsoft green gas, so no CO2 or other gasses are needed for its operation.  The select-fire is the addition to the "AUTO" version, which allows for both semi-auto and full-auto handgun firing.  The full-auto will empty the magazine in about one second, so be prepared to have more magazines handy!

In other news, we surprisingly received a new restock of KWA KRISS VECTOR gas guns after we were told they were no longer available.  This may be the last batch of the airsoft Vector for a long time, so consider one if you're in the market.  Very rare and an awesome gas gun from KWA!

New Airsoft Products This Week

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Lots of brand new airsoft products arrived recently.   The VFC SCAR-H (stands for the Heavy model) is finally available.  This is a beastly airsoft gun, all metal, and will be a classic for sure.

Other new products to mention:
Tenergy CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Batteries (5-Pack)

Socom Gear Lancer L5 190-Round Midcap AEG Magazine (5 pack)

KWA KM4 Commando AEG

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