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2016 is going to be a great year here at Airsoft Atlanta.  New HPA focused product lines from Guerrilla Air, Wolverine, F1 engines from Polarstar, Ninja tanks, and custom gear coming soon!

Action Army is now fully represented at our online store.  We'll be heavily stocking the VSR-10 and Type 96 upgrade parts for airsoft sniper rifles.  So if you're looking to upgrade your hop up chamber, we'll have them, along with Zero Triggers and other parts.  The AEG lineup is great with high torque motors, 6.01mm tightbore inner barrels, and much more.

Wolverine's new BOLT system will be a drop-in VSR-10 HPA kit.  Use your Tokyo Marui VSR or clone (for clones, we recommend the Echo 1 PSR rifle) along with the BOLT kit to make a killer sniper rifle.  Adjust your regulator up or down to adjust the velocity of your rifle.  More details to come, including what type of trigger you can use with the BOLT system.

Our selection of Guerrilla Air and Ninja tanks will be ever expanding with 3000 and 4500 variants.  SLP and non-SLP (800 PSI) will be stocked.

PDI Airsoft Sale

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Once again, we're running a limited time sale on ALL PDI in stock parts and accessories - 25% off the lowest listed price online!  So if we have something already on sale, take an additional 25% off that low price.  Add in free shipping over $99, and we have some steals.  This sale will only last about a week or so, or until supplies last.  Sale starts 10/26/2015 and ends soon-

A link to all the PDI products is here:

We will be having more weekly sales up until Thanksgiving, in preparation for the holidays.

Happy Halloween everyone!

The Illustrious History of Airsoft Sports

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome back to our blog! After a bit of a hiatus from posting, we’ve decided our blog was getting lonely without us and we’re going to begin sharing tips, tricks, and all things airsoft-related in our blog again. Think of it as a very early Christmas present! We love the sport of airsoft and we’re excited to share our passion with you, making this blog your new go-to spot for everything you wanted to know (and a lot of stuff you didn’t want to know) about airsoft guns and gaming.

So on that note, saddle yourself up for a ride on the ol’ history horse, because we’re about to school you in the illustrious history of the game of airsoft. We promise this will be a fun lesson. It won’t be like that time when you had to memorize every constitutional amendment; it will be like that time when you learned that Napoleon was once attacked by wild rabbits (we aren’t making that up). So without further ado, check out our timeline detailing how your favorite sport came to be:

60,000 Years Ago: A Homo Sapiens threw a rock at a Neanderthal in the world’s earliest simulation of the sport of airsoft. Unfortunately, the Neanderthal misinterpreted the lobbed rock as a challenge and the two fought to the death.*

1580: The oldest airgun on record was manufactured in Stockholm, Sweden. Airguns are the closest precursor we have to modern-day airsoft rifles, using the same pneumatic technology with one slight difference: these bad boys were designed to wound or kill small to medium-sized game. If you’re ever in Sweden, you can stop by the Livrustkammaren Museum to check out the world’s first airgun, but you’ll have to pronounce that name first.

The 1970’s: Laws in Japan prevented citizens from owning firearms. Undeterred, the Japanese found a fun loophole by designing the world’s first airsoft guns. These weapons could be used just like guns but the bullets did not reach the velocity required to injure or kill. They started primarily for target practice and, over the course of the decade, evolved into combat games. Proof that sometimes, people just want to shoot things.

The 1980’s: The ironically-named Daisy Gun Company joined Japan’s airsoft party by manufacturing the U.S.’s first “softair” rifle, a spring-loaded BB-style gun that shot plastic pellets instead of BB’s. We’re not sure how “softair” turned into “airsoft,” but we’re guessing that at least one early pioneer of the sport was very vocal and very dyslexic. Fun fact: in 1938, Daisy manufactured the Red Ryder, the BB gun responsible for the infamous “You’ll shoot your eye out” line in A Christmas Story.

The 1990’s: Japan’s style of combat games finally reached the United States, probably right alongside that fun AOL dial-up tone 90’s kids know and love. Airsoft communities began to spring up, both online and in non-internet life, with an evolving set of complex rules and strategies. Although many airsoft gaming communities initially borrowed their rules from paintball games, they quickly began to build their own brand of combat gaming.

2000: The Y2K meltdown did not happen and we did not die. With our newfound lease on life, we decided to pursue our dreams and open Airsoft Atlanta, the go-to airsoft/AEG gun shop for the airsoft gaming community. This is obviously the most important moment in history, ever.

2015: You are reading a blog post and thinking about purchasing a new airsoft gun or tactical gear. Wow, it’s so meta. We can help with that!

*Sorry, we made this one up.

New Tactical Vests

Monday, August 24, 2015

New G&G SR Keymod Combat Machine guns

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
New G&G Combat Machine M4 SR-Series KEYMOD Review on Youtube is live!  Check it out:

Value packed full AEGs feature a full metal Keymod rail system, beefed up polymer lower receiver, factory installed MOSFET unit w/fuse, removable flip sights, custom pistol grip, and more!

SRS Gun:

Midsize standard M4 SR-L Gun:

SR-XL Long M4:
Hey, we're blogging again!  We've had our blog online since 2005, being one of the oldest in the airsoft industry.  This will mostly be used for important updates, sales, new products, events, etc.