Airsoft Atlanta Blog: New madbull products

New madbull products

Monday, September 19, 2005
We got the new xm204 and xm995 shells in today. The xm204 is great. I wanted to test it out first since some other sites are implying it only works with CO2. It takes green gas just fine and makes a mighty bang when you fire it. Even though I warned the other employees I was about to test it, they still jumped when it went off. It also made the canvas backstop jump back a couple of feet. With 204 rounds at once, it is the ultimate CQB grenade. It is a bit longer than the moscart shells, so I would suggest firing it from a long style launcher. It will retail for $65

The xm995 was also pretty neat, but the rockets it ships with could be better. Although it shot a long distance, the flight was a bit unstable. My tech suggested trimming the wings a tad and adding some weight to the nose. We may try this later. I believe it is also compatible with some of the nerf rockets on the market, so we will have to try that out as well. It will retail for around $75 and come with 4 rockets. Both items will be available online Tuesday afternoon.