Airsoft Atlanta Blog: TLP chargers

TLP chargers

Monday, January 23, 2006
The 'Flame Charger' has replaced the TLP fast chargers. It has some better features and such for the same price. We are convinced this is a better charger for the money and has been great so far! The TLP isn't bad, as we've been selling it for nearly 6 years now! But when we see a better product out there for the exact same price, we will replace it. There's no real reason to bring the TLP's back in stock.

The Star L85s are really expensive. Keep in mind that the packaging for these is enormous! It has this giant heavy case that comes with it, adding to the shipping weight. It cost us over $100 each to import them in from Star! In essence, our price is right on par with what the Hong Kong dealers are selling them at once you include shipping. The guns are very robust on the outside. After handling one yourself, you'd think it really does shoot real bullets. The gun is rock solid and very heavy. It's strange that they use a ABS plastic mechbox, but it seems to hold up quite well! Be sure to stop by store and check it out if you're curious.