Airsoft Atlanta Blog: Order early! Christmas is right around the corner!
We are busy keeping up with all your orders this season! To ensure your order makes it before Christmas, order NOW. Next week is too late to order for most of the West Coast customers. UPS will deliver Mon-Fri all days except Christmas day (Monday). Check out our shipping map:

So if you're in California, order by Thursday evening for guaranteed shipment next week. Orders closer to Georgia shouldn't have a problem reaching you before Christmas. All items online are updated daily to reflect inventory levels. Call us if you have any questions on an item or such. We're restocking our Maruis next week along with many other guns.

Hope everyone has a happy holidays! Our store will be open regular hours Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Closed Christmas Eve (Sunday) and Christmas Day (Monday). We will be open the day after Christmas, so come on by!