Airsoft Atlanta Blog: RS Guns - in stock !

RS Guns - in stock !

Monday, March 24, 2008
Airsoft Atlanta is proud to announce the entire product line from RS Intl! RS (Real Sword) produces four models of AEGs: AK full stock (type 56), AK underfolder (type 56-1), and two different Type 97 Chinese carbines. The type 56 rifles are full steel and all real wood. NO FAKE PLASTIC CRAP on these guns ! The Type 97 carbines are polycarb and all steel as well, like the real thing. These are literally exact copies of what the Chinese Military use right now.

Airsoft Atlanta also has a full lineup of all their accessories - mags, tac gear, internal parts, and external accessories. We'll have these posted online within the next 48 hours. But for now, the guns are available online, in stock - ready to ship! Prices vary from $339-379 for each model. Battery, charger sold seperately. The type 97 uses a special battery size, which we do not stock yet. We'll have these custom made shortly. The type 56 model uses standard sizes. These are the most rock solid AEGs we've ever had in our store. If you're in Atlanta, come check them out! We have samples for you to play with.