Airsoft Atlanta Blog: End of March Update

End of March Update

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Airsoft Atlanta - we've had a monumental amount of new products hit our shelves this month, including PDI, SHS, Condor Tactical, and a bunch of other brands.  Our tactical gear line, especially vests, has grown exponentially as well.  Be sure to check out our New Products page for the newest stuff.

Exciting new A-Tacs camouflage clothing from Propper is coming in this week.  A-Tacs is a very cool pattern of camouflage that may win the US contract one of these years.  Right now Multicam is the thing to have, but we feel Atacs has a chance to work really well on the battlefield.  We have both the desert and woodland patterns available here soon. 

G&G Airsoft guns, including the M4 combos, have been super popular with beginners and pro players alike.  We fully restocked our G&G AEGs in February and March, but they are made in such limited runs, we'll sell out soon most likely.  Great guns for the money and we highly recommend them.