Airsoft Atlanta Blog: Brand New Airsoft Magazine Types

Brand New Airsoft Magazine Types

Wednesday, June 06, 2012
Airsoft Atlanta product update - lots of new different types of magazines have arrived at Airsoft Atlanta this week.  Besides the large shipment of standard M4 and G36c hicaps from JG that have arrived, a large selection of newer Ares and Cyberwolf 'flash magazines' are now available.

The new Ares magazine box sets (10 pack) are for M4 and M16 variant AEG guns.  They will work in about any style M4 out there.  Each midcap magazine holds 140 rounds and come in either standard black or desert tan colors.  Very high quality midcap magazines.

Need something bigger than a midcap?  Ares also makes a variety of giant S-Mag and Drum magazines for your AEG.  New are:  AK Drum; PPSH Drum; S-Mag for M4 and G36 airsoft guns, each holding around 2000-2500 rounds.  Perfect for those that want to light up the battlefield with heavy plastic!

New Cyberwolf 'flash magazines' for the M4, AK-74 (brown style, but will fit any AK-47 variant), and the all new G36 are also in stock.  These are similar to the Lonex airsoft magazines with the pull lever on the bottom.  While the Cyberwolf versions cost significantly less, they are VERY high quality and built to last.  Very impressive and sure to be used by Airsoft Atlanta's players on the field.